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Re: plans for eclipse luna in debian

Dear Pascal,
I have a question. I'm trying to build Tycho, and all pom's  refer to
the "packaging eclipse-plugin". What is this? Offline Maven gives error
"Unknown packaging: eclipse-plugin". I suppose its source code is
somewhere else outside Tycho.

Il 21/10/2015 03:46, Pascal Rapicault ha scritto:
> Hi,
> I'm from the Eclipse community. I've been involved with Eclipse for
> over 10y where I've contributed to the previous build mechanism and to
> the Tycho based one. If you need, I can help shed some light on the
> why of things so you can save time navigating this by yourself.
> That said, I'm not familiar with the way fedora have done things (but
> I know one of the maintainer of the Eclipse build there if we need
> more details), though I assume they probably have to first white list
> a number of bundles to bootstrap tycho, then build the pieces
> originally white listed, and finally rebuild tycho and continue on.
> Pascal
> On 15-10-20 01:06 PM, Markus Koschany wrote:
>> Am 20.10.2015 um 12:58 schrieb Luca Vercelli:
>>> I am not an expert with mh_make, however I see a problem here.
>>> Eclipse build depends on Tycho, however Tycho build depends on both
>>> Eclipse and Tycho itself!
>> Indeed that is nasty. But it looks like the Fedora maintainers have
>> solved this issue too. [1] We need to do something similar for Debian to
>> break this circular dependency.
>>> So, two problems:
>>> (1) mh_make fails for both projects.
>>> Markus, can you explain me how were you able to build the base
>>> structure
>>> of Eclipse without mh_make? I should do the same with Tycho.
>> mh_make often chokes on bigger projects with a lot of unpackaged
>> dependencies. I simply ignored as many dependencies as I could and you
>> can find the end result in maven.rules and maven.ignoreRules. Then I
>> used the current packaging for Eclipse as a template. It should be
>> sufficient to start with a minimal debian/rules files. In the first
>> phase we only have to modify the maven.* files and debian/control. For
>> Tycho you can basically do the same.
>> If you can answer the question why mh_make fails with Tycho, you will
>> know what dependency we should package first. Just let me know what
>> dependencies we need for Tycho and I can lend you a hand.
>>> (2) How to build everything?
>>> Fedora packagers were able to build just a tiny part of Tycho (a
>>> "bootstrap"), then a tiny part of Eclipse, then Tycho, and at last
>>> Eclipse. What about Debian?
>> AFAIK they provide different build options. The bootstrap is one of them
>> but otherwise Eclipse and Tycho build-depend on each other. I don't know
>> how to solve this properly yet but I expect we will end up with doing
>> something similar. Remember that the optimization step is always the
>> last part, so feel free to solve this issue with the least amount of
>> effort.
>> Markus
>> [1] http://pkgs.fedoraproject.org/cgit/tycho.git/tree/

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