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Re: libcommons-lang-java packaging?

Le 27/10/2015 16:41, Sergio Fernández a écrit :
> Thanks Emmanuel for such detailed introduction. Although not with the
> official policies, I have quite some experience on Debian as user (~15
> years) and packaging (~2 years). In my company all the internal deployment
> process is fully based on Debian processes, including tools such
> dch, dpkg-buildpackage, jdeb, reprepro, etc.

Great! You are less likely to flee in panic then ;)

> I've just submitted my request to Alioth. Assuming that Benedikt would pick
> commons-math3 to start, what other package do you see as target for me to
> be sponsored?

Actually commons-math3 is already built with Maven, I mentioned it as an
example to help updating the other packages still using Ant.

You can start with libcommons-digester-java or libcommons-compress-java,
but if that's too easy I need some help with Hadoop ;)

Emmanuel Bourg

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