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Bug#102367: marked as done (dpkg: md5sum segfaults on read errors) Bug#103667: marked as done ([patch] add a missing .br to dpkg-divert (8)) Bug#1037: marked as done (dselect user interface (was Re: debian 0.93pl5 installation)) Bug#103839: marked as done (enhanced dselect manpage) Bug#103845: marked as done (per user dselect.cfg) Bug#103994: marked as done (fully configurable color support for dselect ( ;-)) Bug#104214: marked as done (dpkg-dev: dpkg-name(1) manpage refers to inexistant dpkg(5)) Bug#104230: marked as done (dpkg: dpkg-checkbuilddeps has wrong idea about the architecture) Bug#104232: marked as done (dpkg: update on dpkg-architecture documentation) Bug#104561: marked as done (start-stop-daemon misinterprets return value of nice(2)) Bug#105750: marked as done (dpkg-source: touch all patched files to avoid race conditions) Bug#106979: marked as done (dpkg: install-info installs incorrect entries for Emacs packages) Bug#111110: marked as done (install-info: not fhs-compliant(/usr/info/dir)) Bug#111503: marked as done (rename is failing in dpkg-gencontrol) Bug#11228: marked as done (install-info: align titles on the same column) Bug#112378: marked as done (enoent: should be stripped) Bug#113120: marked as done (dselect: shows '134596452' instead of 'd') Bug#114249: marked as done (dpkg: dselect should be in a separate package) Bug#114997: marked as done (start-stop-daemon gets nice() error checking wrong) Bug#115783: marked as done (dpkg: updated/up-to-date in Polish translation) Bug#117968: marked as done (dpkg-dev; error in documentation of dpgk-parsechangelog -v) Bug#118420: marked as done (dpkg-dev should Depend on build-essential) Bug#11868: marked as done (dselect in serious need of rewriting) Bug#119532: marked as done (apt-cache has inconsistent Installed-Size casing) Bug#120924: marked as done (dpkg: provide a way to get all available alternatives) Bug#121309: marked as done (install-info: Can't handle empty dir file) Bug#121310: marked as done (install-info: Still hardcoded /usr/info) Bug#121457: marked as done (install-info: [PATCH] Still looks for "dir" in old non-FHS location.) Bug#121489: marked as done (dpkg's md5sum slightly incompatible with textutils's md5sum) Bug#121662: marked as done (dpkg: install-info does not check in /usr/share/info for dir file) Bug#122132: marked as done (dpkg: [patch] Brazilian portuguese (pt_BR) update-alternatives.8 man page translation) Bug#126340: marked as done (dpkg-source: manpage typo -su rather than -sU) Bug#127296: marked as done (dpkg: dir is installed at FSSTND /usr/info; Patch to move to /usr/share/info) Bug#127458: marked as done (dpkg-dev: dpkg-source should ignore *~ and .*.swp in subdirectories by default) Bug#130130: marked as done (HP-UX support for start-stop-daemon [PATCH]) Bug#130509: marked as done (dpkg's md5sum does not handle large files) Bug#131439: marked as done (start-stop-daemon: "INTR" should be "INT" in help line) Bug#131758: marked as done (dpkg: install-info incorrectly calls gzip) Bug#132476: marked as done (dpkg: dselect install eat 100% CPU time) Bug#132632: marked as done (dpkg: update-alternatives still not right, I think) Bug#132714: marked as done (dpkg forget Origin: and Bugs: ?) Bug#132901: Didn't quite get 132901 ;) Bug#132901: marked as done (dpkg: There is no man page for dpkg.cfg) Bug#133035: marked as done (dpkg: uodate-alternatives --edit is program-centric) Bug#133050: ǯuXX Bug#136353: marked as done (dpkg: please split dselect into seperate package) Bug#138013: marked as done (dpkg-dev: dpkg-parsechangelog has a different understanding of urgencies than policy) Bug#139159: marked as done (dpkg-source has no case insensitivity for some fields) Bug#140441: marked as done (dpkg-dev: Spelling error in manual of dpkg-architecture) Bug#141500: marked as done (start-stop-daemon: --nicelevel doesn't work) Bug#141906: marked as done (dpkg-dev: change use of shlib: to shlibs: in dpkg-source.1) Bug#143117: marked as done (dpkg-dev: dpkg-gencontrol crashes if more than 1 blank line between sets in debian/control) Bug#143307: Suggested fix Bug#144121: marked as done (dpkg-dev: No way to override dpkg-gencontrol's recursive substitution checks) Bug#146855: marked as done (dpkg(8) is inconsistent with --help-force) Bug#147183: I suspect hardware problems Bug#147872: marked as done (dpkg: doesn't set /var/lib/dpkg/lock to close on exec) Bug#147924: marked as done (dpkg-dev: dpkg-scansources not noted in man dpkg-scanpackages, but the other way round) Bug#148267: marked as done (md5sum: no large file support) Bug#148932: dpkg-dev: dpkg-buildpackage -B should try build-arch target Bug#148932: Method of checking target capability Bug#149142: dpkg: missing space in french l10n message Bug#149491: dpkg depends hard on working F_SETLK fcntl Bug#149497: dpkg: dpkg.cfg: --force-overwrite: not enabled on upgrade Bug#149497: dpkg: dpkg.cfg: --force-overwrite: not enabled on upgrade Bug#149497: marked as done (dpkg: dpkg.cfg: --force-overwrite: not enabled on upgrade) Bug#149753: dpkg: there should be a difference between wanted and non-wanted packages Bug#149753: marked as done (dpkg: there should be a difference between wanted and non-wanted packages) Bug#149757: Bug#149757: dpkg: there should be a difference between wanted and non-wanted packag Bug#149758: dpkg: there should be a difference between wanted and non-wanted packag Bug#149758: marked as done (dpkg: there should be a difference between wanted and non-wanted packag) Bug#149760: dpkg: should use something faster than text files Bug#149961: dpkg-divert failed when src and dest aren't in the same disk Re: Bug#149974: debootstrap should download aptitude Bug#150135: galeon-common: tries to open non-existant file Bug#150156: dpkg: conffile diffs don't work Bug#150597: dpkg-dev: dpkg-genchanges should not bother with control file Bug#150642: Small typo in dpkg-deb Bug#150739: dpkg: new ~ version stuff not handled by dpkg-genchanges Bug#151304: acknowledged by developer (Re: Processed: reassign 151304 to dpkg-dev) Bug#151304: marked as done (dh_gencontrol: could warn about unused substvars) Bug#151471: dpkg_1.10(alpha/unstable): FTBFS: missing build-depends Bug#151484: dselect: new dselect keybindings complicate things Bug#151485: dpkg-1.10: german md5sum.1.gz also in manpages-de Bug#151501: dpkg: dpkg depends on dselect Bug#151503: dpkg: New binary dpkg-query tries to overwrite file of the same name in dpkg-iasearch Bug#20659: marked as done (dpkg: Suggest changing dselect's treatment of Recommends) Bug#22996: marked as done (dpkg: install-infodoesn't work properly) Bug#24365: marked as done (xbase or dselect bug ?) Bug#24727: marked as done (dpkg: install-info dumps core) Bug#2531: marked as done (install-info: use better locking strategy) Bug#2904: marked as done (install-info doesn't cope with nonexistent /usr/info/dir file) Bug#3410: marked as done (some problems/bugs/suggestions with install-info) Bug#34942: marked as done (dselect insists on recommended packages) Bug#39359: marked as done (Please make it robuster: removing /usr/info/dir causes problem) Bug#3991: marked as done (dselect has confusing and bizarre interface) Bug#42061: marked as done (dselect insists on recommended packages) Bug#4449: marked as done (dselect feedback missing) Bug#4451: marked as done (dselect user interface (feedback and control)) Bug#4474: marked as done (dpkg versus cron and at) Bug#45787: marked as done (dpkg -i ignores -E for packages on hold) Bug#48749: marked as done (dpkg/install-info inconsistent state) Bug#57927: marked as done (dpkg: install-info fails on corrupt dir fiels) Bug#58091: marked as done (package name "Eterm" --> "eterm") Bug#58653: marked as done (dpkg-source: should cleanup tempdir on interruption) Bug#58878: Dein Date..... Bug#59440: marked as done (Eterm created dpkg "residue") Bug#60973: marked as done (zope names itself Zope in the control) Bug#63101: marked as done (zope: Zope or zope) Bug#6394: marked as done (dpkg: dselect's treatment of Recommends) Bug#66735: marked as done (install-info: include current filename in error message(s)) Bug#6709: marked as done (dselect purges too eagerly) Bug#67174: marked as done (install-info should eventually switch to /usr/share/info/dir) Bug#6757: marked as done ('Recommends' acts like 'Depends') Bug#7093: marked as done (dselect: hyperjump into conflict screen is poor UI design) Bug#72634: marked as done (dselect help patches) Bug#75947: marked as done (dpkg-dev: could dpkg-buildpackage -i affect .tar.gz creation too?) Bug#76100: marked as done (install-info: ignores section/title from .info file.) Bug#81009: marked as done (dpkg: advanced (regexp) search in dselect) Bug#83139: marked as done (dpkg: wishlist: searching in package descriptions inside dselect) Bug#89697: why is this tagged won't fix? Bug#92650: marked as done (install-info: relative filenames) Bug#93386: marked as done (Support for "pre" versioning schemes) Bug#93399: marked as done ("install-info --info-dir=/foo bar" barfs when /foo/dir does not exist) Bug#97239: marked as done (strange German translation in dselect) Bug#98275: marked as done (dselect exits on window resize) Bug#9833: marked as done (install-info should be able to handle missing /usr/info/dir) Call for Translations cleaned TODO file Re: Debian on the Sharp Zaurus/SL-5xxx dpkg_1.10_i386.changes ACCEPTED dpkg_1.10_i386.changes is NEW dpkg(8) Spanish translation dpkg/main/help.c installing a package with --root= without being root Internal Error with APT make /usr/info a symlink if possible methods -> dselect Processed: Didn't quite get 132901 ;) Processed: dismantle install-info bts mess Processed: dpkg-dev bug Processed: reassign 151304 to dpkg-dev Processed: Re: Bug#150135: galeon-common: tries to open non-existant file Processed: Re: Bug#151485: dpkg-1.10: german md5sum.1.gz also in manpages-de Processed: your mail some doc updates Spanish translation (was: Re: some doc updates) Re: Strange dpkg problem with latest doc-linux-html upgrade unsubscribe updating GID owner of directories Why does dpkg prompt for unchanged conffiles during upgrade? 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