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Bug#143307: Suggested fix

Adam Heath writes ("Re: Bug#143307: Suggested fix"):
> On Thu, 16 May 2002, Ian Jackson wrote:
> > I suggest you add
> >     sincenothing= 0;
> > to before the two returns near the top of deferred_remove in remove.c,
> > ie just in between the two occurrences of these two lines:
> >     pkg->clientdata->istobe= itb_normal;
> >     return;
> >
> > You should probably add
> >     sincenothing= 0;
> > to inside the setjmp handler in while (queuelen) in
> > packages.c:process_queue, too.
> These don't make sense.  You are suggesting to reset the counter to the start
> value, when there could be actual real errors that have been detected.

You misunderstand, I think.  The sincenothing is just a loop detector
and we must reset it because we've `made progress' by taking something
off the queue.

But I don't really have time to argue :-).


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