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Call for Translations

>>>>> "AH" == Adam Heath <doogie@debian.org> writes:

 AH> dpkg 1.10 is getting very close to release.  Wichert and I are
 AH> planning on uploading it very soon after woody is released as
 AH> stable.

 AH> I am still doing some fixes, both to the code(which will shift
 AH> lines around), and possible other documentation fixes(as are
 AH> filed in the bts).  I suggest all translators start working at
 AH> updating their files.

Here is an updated tiny but important patch for ru.po from current
CVS.  It is attached because it contains characters in koi8-r

I do not currently intend to do any more work on dpkg's translation,
so I'd like this patch to get its way to CVS, so that I'd forget about
it entirely :) 



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