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Re: Spanish translation (was: Re: some doc updates)

On Sat, Jun 22, 2002 at 07:12:44PM +0100, Esteban Manchado Velázquez wrote:
> > Two patches for dpkg(8), both in nroff and in SGML.
> Hi. I'm currently translating dpkg manpages to Spanish. I have just ?applied
> the patch? to my current translation.... and I've just noted that there is a
> SGML version... it seems not to come in the dpkg ?regular? sources (apt-get
> source dpkg). Should I translate the SGML version instead of the manpage
> directly (I assume yes)?

Wichert told me nroff is authoritative for now, but SGML will be later, so
both would be preferred.

> If so, where can I find the SGML version? Is CVS the only way? What's the


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