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dpkg_1.10_i386.changes is NEW

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(new) dselect_1.10_i386.deb required base
a user tool to manage Debian packages
 dselect is the primary user interface for installing, removing and
 managing Debian packages. It is a front-end to dpkg.
Changes: dpkg (1.10) unstable; urgency=low
  * dpkg now reorders symlinks when extracting debs.  However, this is also
    still done when building debs.  After a stable release of Debian has
    occurred with this modified dpkg, the reordering when building can be
  * Fixed upper/lowercase problems with package names. Closes: Bug#58091
    (and 3 others).
  * Add Russian manual pages
  * Fix n in dselect package list (performs searchagain now)
  * Fix layout problem in dpkg-divert manpage. Closes: Bug#103667
  * When a package is set to hold, and a reinstallation is requested,
    -E will not properly skip it.  Closes: #45787.
  * Make dpkg-checkbuilddeps use dpkg-architecture. Closes: Bug#104230
  * Improve dpkg-archtecture documentation. Closes: Bug#104232
  * Update German translation. Closes: Bug#97239
  * Update Polish translation. Closes: Bug#115783
  * Update French translation.
  * Update Brazilian translation.
  * Update Danish translation.
  * Update Galician translation.
  * Update Portuguese translations.
  * Add Catalan translation
  * Add German md5sum manpage
  * Add Brazilian update-alternatives manpage. Closes: Bug#122132
  * Improve dselect manpage. Closes: Bug#103839
  * dpkg-name(1) no longer mentions the non-existing dpkg(5) manpage.
    Closes: Bug#104214
  * Improve handling of Recommends and Suggests in dselect. Closes: Bug#34942
  * Add per-user configuration files. Closes: Bug#103845
  * Split dselect into its own package. dpkg Pre-Depends on it
    to make sure no weird things happen during an upgrade but this
    will allow us to make dselect option at some point in the future.
    Closes: #114249.
  * Make colours in dselect user-configurable. Closes: Bug#103994
  * Make Q do an abort in the method selection menu to make things more
    consistent with the package list
  * Fix test for nice(2) failure in start-stop-daemon. Closes: Bug#104561
  * Improve the dselect helpscreen a bit. Closes: Bug#72634
  * New version comparison routine that can handle arbitrarily large numbers
    and accepts `~' as a low-sorting character. Closes: Bug#93386
  * dselect now accepts regular expressions when searching for packages
    and can search in package descriptions as well.
    Closes: Bug#81009,#83139
  * Move query commands into a seperate dpkg-query command. For the old options
    (-L,-l,-s,-S) dpkg will still call it for you.
  * Add configurable package listing support to dpkg-query
  * Handle window resize in dselect main menu. Closes: Bug#98275
  * update-rc.d moved to the sysvinit package. Closes: Bug#108887,#109282
  * Add --showformat and --show options to dpkg-deb and dpkg-query to
    allow one to customize the output format
  * several install-info cleanups:
    * Move /usr/info/dir to /usr/share/info/dir.  Closes: #67174.
    * If /usr/share/info doesn't exist, print a message saying so,
      instead of the confusing "couldn't lock" error.  Closes: #2531.
    * If /usr/share/info/dir doesn't exist, or is empty, try to copy the
      backup from /var/backups/infodir.bak.  Closes: #121309.
    * Add a --remove-exactly option, and allow for relative filenames.
      Closes: #92650.
    * Use the section from the .info file if --section is not given.
      Closes: #76100.
    * Error messages now include the filename being processed.
      Closes: #66735
    * /usr/share/info/dir now has it's entries formatted to even widths.
      Closes: #11228
    * --calign|--align|--maxwidth are now ignored.
  * strip enoent as well. Closes: Bug#112378
  * Fix format error in Dutch translation. Closes: Bug#113120
  * When parsing stdin, md5sum now displays '-' as the filename, to match
    textutils md5sum.  Closes: #121489.
  * Apply patch from bug, to give update-alternatives a --list command.
    Closes: #120924.
  * Make dpkg-checkbuilddeps always check for build-essential.
    Closes: Bug#118420.
  * Use space seperated output instead of comma seperated in
  * Update default ignore expression in dpkg-source to also match *~ and
    *.swp in subdirs. Closes: Bug#127458
  * Handle errors when verifying md5sums. Closes: Bug#102367
  * dpkg-source now uses reliable timestamps for changed files.
    Closes: Bug#105750
  * Fix typo in start-stop-daemon help message. Closes: Bug#131439
  * update-alternative exits with a non-zero exit code when displaying
    a non-existing alternative. Closes: Bug#131496
  * Use gzip -c in install-info. Closes: Bug#131758
  * start-stop-daemon works on HP-UX now. Closes: Bug#130130
  * Fix dselect spin when run without input. Closes: Bug#132476
  * Update-alternatives now correctly restores an alternative to auto mode
    when removing a manually selected alternative. Closes: Bug#132632
  * Copy bugs and origin information into status file. Closes: Bug#132714
  * Improve wording of update-alternatives --config text. Closes: Bug#133035
  * Add manpages for dpkg.cfg and dselect.cfg. Closes: Bug#132901
  * Improve test for illegal packagename for dpkg-gencontrol -p option
  * Fix segfault when getenv("PATH") returns null.  Closes: Bug#136349
  * Add Large File Summit extensions. Closes: Bug#130509
  * Fix typo in dpkg-source manpage. Closes: Bug#141906
  * Re-fix handling of multiple blank lines in control. Closes: Bug#143117
  * Document --force-confmiss and --force-bad-verify. Closes: Bug#146855
  * Drop upgrade compat stuff in dpkg postinst for ancient versions (over
    5 years old)
  * Always set CLOEXEC on the lock fd.  Closes: Bug#147872
  * Clean up tmp files when ctrl-c is sent to dpkg-source.  Closes:
  * dpkg-source no longer requires exact case matches for fields in
    debian/control.  Closes: Bug#139159.
  * dpkg-scanpackages now gives proper case for Source and Installed-Size.
    Closes: Bug#119532.
  * dpkg-architecture: s/build on/built on/; same for 'build for'.
    Closes: Bug#140441.
  * cl-debian.pl now recognizes emergency as valid in changelogs.
    Closes: Bug#138013.
  * Properly count recursive expansion of variables, instead of just
    counting all variable expansions.  Closes: #144121.
  * Add -I<filename> to dpkg-buildpackage and dpkg-source, to excludes
    files from tar, when building a native package.  Closes: Bug#75947.
  * Close the old debian/files file, before doing a rename.  Closes:
  * Fix documentation of -v<version> for dpkg-parsechangelog, removing the
    requirement that the version has to be in the changelog.  Closes:
  * Fix typo in dpkg-source(1), s/-su/-sU/.  Closes: Bug#126340.
  * Add dpkg-scansources to dpkg-scanpackages(8).  Closes: Bug#147924.
  * Change /usr/info into a symlink to /usr/share/info if possible
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