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Re: installing a package with --root= without being root

Previously Xavier Nicollet wrote:
> I am planning to develop a gnu distribution on top of some Unix system (SGI,
> HP UX, Irix,...).
> The problem is that I would prefer not to be root and install all the
> packages in a user directory (user gnu_distrib for example).

The problem is there is not a safe way to do that so dpkg does not try.
rpm tries to do this with relocatable packages but you run into all
kinds of problems with hardcoded paths in maintainer scripts and
binaries inside the packages.

> By the way, if anybody had a link to some tutorial on how to build a whole
> system based on dpkg from scratch, it would help !

I'm not aware of any such tutorial. The debootstrap code might be
useful though, that does a full bootstrap.


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