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Bug#151304: acknowledged by developer (Re: Processed: reassign 151304 to dpkg-dev)

Previously Yann Dirson wrote:
> What is mostly of interest to me if when they're used only by
> dpkg-gencontrol, _when_ they are added doesn't matter, and it looks like the
> place for checking would be here, as dpkg-gencontrol is THE one (apart from
> his caller, which may vary) which knows for sure what its arguments are.

In your situation perhaps, generally that need not be true.

> Maybe in the default dpkg-gencontrol behaviour (reading from
> debian/substvars) it is not expected that all vars are used, but
> dh_gencontrol uses separated substvars files for each binary package, and
> calls dpkg-gencontrol with -T.  In this case we know for sure that all vars
> in THIS file are intended for THIS package, and we can warn.  Or do I miss
> something ?

What you describe is highly specific usage of dpkg tools. You might
do some checking for this specific usage, but do so in the tools for
it (dh_gencontrol) and not in dpkg-gencontrol.


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