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Bug#148932: Method of checking target capability

Previously Duncan Findlay wrote:
> Firstly, a test to see if something is a makefile can be as simple as
> reading the first line of the file -- does it contain #!/usr/bin/make
> -f (as policy dictates in 5.2)

Wrong. Debian policy is just that, Debian policy. dpkg does not demand
that debian/rules is a makefile and will not rely on make specific

> Secondly, make -q can be called. If it returns with an exit code of 1
> or 0, the target is supported. If it returns with 2, it isn't
> supported.

That exit code is returned anyway even if -q is not used.

> I'd like to see this bug resolved.

FWIW I don't have a real desire to have this fixed quickly, but it will
be fixed in dpkg 1.10 or 1.11.


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