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Analysis of "Nikki and the Robots" dependencies any small tasks 'low hanging fruits' and a blog post. brainstorm: expanding debtags for gaming? Re: Bug#319599: ITP: darkplaces - greatly improved engine for original quake1 Bug#632360: ITP: fife -- FIFE is a multi-platform isometric game engine Bug#633494: holotz-castle: Switch to dh-sequencer in debian/rules The Butterfly Effect and a possible patch for Box2D cegui library for ogre Debian Games BoF at DebConf11 Full-screen behaviour and game documentation Highscores Introduction/Request to join alioth team Lightning Talk for games Nexuiz fans: please try out 2.5.2+dp-1, in experimental Re: Offer to take over sdlperl package Re: Orphaning some packages... Proposed Debian Games meeting #5, August 6-12 Re: Quake packaging RFS: amoebax puyo puyo-style puzzle game RFS: amoebax Puyo Puyo-style puzzle game for up to two players Re: RFS: assaultcube-data (updated package) Re: RFS: naev RFS: zdoom Re: sdl-mixer should the games team hijack/subsume the SDL packages/team? VCS for alsoft-conf which Quake engine(s) to package? The last update was on 06:28 GMT Thu May 30. There are 95 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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