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which Quake engine(s) to package?

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On Fri, 27 May 2011 at 22:36:44 +0100, David Banks wrote:
> Mmm, I looked into some other engines a bit.
> [The niche it would fill is a deathmatch-focused engine with wide server
> compatibility, which Quakespasm doesn't aim for.  I would probably look
> at Qrack for this next.]

To be honest I mostly care about single-player, but I wouldn't be averse to
having a multiplayer-focused engine available too.

> Darkplaces is definitely worth including due to the significant
> graphical enhancements and large userbase.  #319599 claims that
> darkplaces and nexuiz are essentially the same and that we should rather
> make nexuiz use darkplaces as its engine.

I've done some investigation and it turns out our Nexuiz 2.5.2 package is
identical (modulo $Id$ expansion) to r9274 from DarkPlaces svn. DarkPlaces
has built-in support for running an assortment of mods and complete games,
adjusting its behaviour according to command-line options or argv[0] -
it only runs as Nexuiz because we installed it as /usr/games/nexuiz.

The only special option we apply to DP seems to be setting the default
basedir to /usr/share/games/nexuiz.

> In any case, I can't use the nexuiz package to run
> quake1 at this point, so I would say that is grounds to include
> darkplaces as a separate package.

    ln -s /usr/games/nexuiz ~/bin/darkplaces
    ~/bin/darkplaces -basedir /usr/share/games/quake

seems to do the trick for me.

However, I'd be inclined to spin off darkplaces into its own engine-only,
no-user-serviceable-parts-inside package (like ioquake3 or quakespasm), and
turn nexuiz into a thin shim around that: a script that basically just
runs "exec darkplaces -basedir /usr/share/games/nexuiz", an icon, a menu
entry, and proper dependencies on the data. I've started to work on such
a package.

Are there any reasons why quakespasm should be preferred over darkplaces?
Both appear to be actively maintained right now, although quakespasm
seems to be a younger project (more likely to disappear?) descended from

darkplaces has more advanced graphics, but might be less true to the original
Quake? It doesn't support MP3 audio, but does support a bewildering array
of mods and games, including at least one playable GPL game (Nexuiz), and
we basically need it in the archive anyway to support Nexuiz.


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