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Re: Bug#319599: ITP: darkplaces - greatly improved engine for original quake1

owner 319599 !

On Sun, 29 Nov 2009 at 21:40:33 +0100, Guillem Jover wrote:
> Actually, darkplaces is already in Debian, but repackaged as nexuiz. I
> think it would make way more sense to detangle it from nexuiz and make
> the latter use the former as just its engine instead, as darkplaces is
> able to use several other data packs, including the original Quake ones.

Nexuiz is (by now) a pretty old version of DarkPlaces, its copyright
file doesn't really live up to current best-practice, and it deals with a
lot of its optional dependencies in rather a strange way: they're dlopen()'d,
without any systematic compatibility check.

I've brought up a more modern version of DarkPlaces as an independent
package, with a more comprehensive copyright file and patches to use normal
dynamic linking:


This also provides the /usr/lib/quake/quake-engine alternative and the
corresponding quake-engine virtual package.

> I think the best soltution to this would be to set fs_basedir from that
> same struct, depending on the game to use.

For the moment I've left the upstream basedir handling alone, because that's
how all of the Quake engine "ports" (forks) have always worked, as far as I
can see.

> This would allow packaging new games by just depending on darkplaces,
> shipping the data, and a symlink with the proper game name to the
> darkplaces binary, which would then automatically choose which game
> values and directories to use.

One disadvantage of that sort of thing is that we'd have to hard-code every
supported game's basedir into DarkPlaces, in advance.

I think shipping a small shell script in the game "metapackage" is fine; we
already have to ship a .desktop file and an icon somewhere, and putting those
in the packages generated by game-data-packager is somewhat undesirable (it's
harder to get them updated).


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