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Proposed Debian Games meeting #5, August 6-12


I've created a timeslot poll for the 5th Debian games meetings here:
The suggested time for August 6-7 is 5am - 4pm UTC, and for August
8-12 : 12pm - 4pm UTC.

Please take time to decided when you can join.

Agenda for the meeting (from http://wiki.debian.org/Games/Meetings/2011-08-XX):
1. Action items from last meeting
1.1. Rhonda to write a wiki page about presenting games (Games/Present)
1.2. Fuddl to get SynrG to create a repo for the blends configs and
add a link to the wiki page about it
1.3. pabs to investigate lintian warnings about deprecated FHS games paths
1.4. guus to talk about full-screen behaviour on games@lists.freedesktop.org
1.5. guus talk about documentation browser (either in-game or
out-of-game) on games@lists.freedesktop.org
1.6. pabs to start a discussion on the list about extending debtags,
documenting the discussion on the wiki and talking to the debtags
maintainers about adding the new tags
2. Giving all DDs commit access? There are alioth issues with this but
when those are fixed, should we do it?
3. Do a session on #debian-meeting? This would be about training,
answering questions and more.
4. Pleft is an Open Source alternative to Doodle, albeit missing the
local timezone option
5. Use XZ compression for data packages (and maybe others?) [ansgar]
6. How to package a game if it depends on unstable/unreleased versions
of non-standard libraries? Currently OGS Mahjong depends on unstable
branch of OGRE and the latest CEGUI release. The problem is that CEGUI
must be specifically compiled for OGRE to work with it. [kornerr]

Looking forward to see you at #debian-games!

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