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Re: Full-screen behaviour and game documentation

On Sat, 2 Jul 2011 16:06:30 -0500
Guangcong Luo <zarel@wz2100.net> wrote:

> On Sat, Jul 2, 2011 at 2:52 PM, Per Inge Mathisen
> <per.mathisen@gmail.com> wrote:
> >> 1.2. What should the preferred hotkey be to switch between
> >> windowed and full-screen?
> >>
> >> There are various hotkeys used to switch between the two modes,
> >> some more common ones are F11, F, Ctrl-Enter. F11 seems to be used
> >> in many window-managers and non-gaming applications.
> >
> > Alt-Enter is also frequently used.
> For reference, from what I know, F11 and Alt+Enter are popular on
> Windows, and Cmd+F and Cmd+Shift+F are popular on Mac OS X. If it's
> not too much trouble, it might be best simply to support all of these.

> As for standardizing on a single hotkey, I wouldn't like F11 as the
> only way, since the F1-F12 keys are being hidden behind Fn modifiers
> [1], F-lock [2], or outright left out [3] by keyboard manufacturers
> more and more often these days.

Because freeciv uses all the F keys for something it would be quite
annoying to have to find new keybindings for it (unless its simply an
exception to the general rule)

> Alt+Enter never strongly suggested "full-screen" to me. Ctrl+Enter
> means "send message" to me (in situations where Enter would insert a
> linebreak).

alt+enter is what freeciv uses (which i never knew until i tried it to
make this post), but F11 is one i'm more familiar with.

> Apple's Cmd+Shift+F might work (what would be its equivalent on Linux?
> Ctrl+Shift+F? Super+Shift+F?)

Please not ctrl, super or meta maybe.

> > IMHO a game should never block alt+tab, and on alt+tab, resolution
> > should be restored and any cursor trapping should be released.
> > However, I am a bit unsure how to implement this in a sane manner.
> Commercial Windows games sometimes allow Alt+Tab and Super to be
> blocked in the options, since those keys can often be accidentally
> pressed over the course of gameplay. This may be the most
> user-friendly approach, though it might also be a lot of work for what
> might not be very much gain.

Sounds like a nice way to handle it (though in gnome it would be
alt+tab and alt+f1 i suppose).

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