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Re: any small tasks 'low hanging fruits' and a blog post.

2011/7/1 shirish शिरीष <shirishag75@gmail.com>:

> First of all thank you Paul Wise for that reply, unfortunately
> you forgot to CC me  :(

My apologies, I assumed you were subscribed.

> Anyways, I do hope if somebody does respond to this mail, they do CC me.


> While I'm no packager and don't think I would be going much in that
> direction but still  are there any tasks a.k.a. 'low hanging fruits'
> which could help the debian-devel-games. Maybe doing some sort of dumb
> testing using some automated tools or something else which anybody
> having time could do which would be helpful to the debian-devel-games
> team.

We have some ideas here:


I've added some more just now.



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