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Re: Nexuiz fans: please try out 2.5.2+dp-1, in experimental

On 18/07/11 15:29, Simon McVittie wrote:
> This is implemented in experimental, please try it out and report bugs!
> (particularly if they come with patches :-)
> If I don't get negative feedback, I'll probably upload this version of nexuiz
> to unstable when the standalone version of darkplaces has reached testing.

I gave it a quick test, everything worked great.  Never played Nexuiz
before so I can't say much more than that ;)  I connected and played on
a server (which was apparently running 2.5.1, FWIW) and duly lost.  Your
version seems to fix a weird display glitch on the menu items where the
'Quit' button was stretched off the bottom of the screen.  This probably
only occurs on my window manager though.

Also, I remembered that the old Nexuiz package started fullscreen, but
yours starts windowed.  However, I think my memory was wrong as I
reinstalled the old one and it's starting windowed also, so not sure
where I got that from.  ;)


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