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Re: sdl-mixer

Hey Jon,

Am 04.07.2011 15:05, schrieb Jon Dowland:
The issue to be resolved is one of governance:  if I uploaded to
experimental and hijacked the package we'd be swapping one set of
inactive maintainers for another.  It is generally frowned upon to NMU
a new upstream version. We really need to make sure there are active
maintainers on the SDL packages.

I see it a bit differently. I am afraid people are hesitating to take over sdl-mixer, because you have already prepared a NMU and announced "Once I'm happy with it, I will upload to experimental" more than half a year ago in #568445. So I believe people who are interested in this packages are finally waiting for your upload.

Again, it's only targeted at experimental. It won't hurt anyone and people who want to take over the package can take your NMU as a starting point instead of duplicating the whole patch backporting effort themselves.

I've mailed debian-devel-games to ask whether the team would be happy
to take over the SDL team.  Note, however, that we need people who are
prepared to work on the packages: I can't commit much time to them (or
anything) at the moment.  I've tried to make that clear in my message.

Since noone has answered on this list so far, I'll keep it in CC so there's at least one reply. ;)

I also think the pkg-games team as the primary user of SDL should take over the packages. Myself, I won't stand up as the primary maintainer/uploader, but will help out packaging and patching as I do with other packages that I am interested in.


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