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should the games team hijack/subsume the SDL packages/team?

Hi folks,

the SDL packages are, apparently, in a bad state.  They are maintained by the
"Debian SDL maintainers" team, but have been largely neglected in recent times,
and I think most of that team are MIA.  The vast majority of packages have been
NMUed multiple times and lag behind upstream by at least one version.

Many, if not most, of the games team's packages rely on SDL.  In fact I suspect
that we are the biggest "consumer" of SDL.  There also appears to be a
cross-over between the two teams (of MIA members, at least: e.g. sam).

In the run up to squeeze I NMUd sdl-mixer, and as part of that, I started to
try and rebase the patches on top of the latest upstream version.  I didn't
finish (ended up backporting the fix I was interested in), but a friend has 
got a little bit further (details to follow).  A first attempt at VCS-izing
it is at <https://github.com/jmtd/debian-libsdl-mixer1.2>.

What do the games team think about taking over maintenance of these packages?
Is there anyone in the team prepared to help with actively maintaining them
(aside from generally thinking this is a good idea). If people are generally in
agreement that this is a good idea, I'll get the ball rolling with mixer in a
proper place (git.debian.org) and prepare an upload to experimental.


Jon Dowland

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