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Re: cegui library for ogre

On Saturday 09 July 2011 22:03:35 Muammar El Khatib wrote:
> > You can try to convince the maintainer, or offer him help to comaintain
> > the package (so you create the new revision and he uploads it for
> > you).
> I like this idea. If one is really so interested in a package it is a
> good thing to offer help as well. Actually, I was thinking in
> uploading that library and other game I maintain to Debian Games Team
> because: 1) I don't have that much time as I used to have before, 2) I
> still would like to maintain (or team maintaining) them.

OK, so you can comaintain it through Games Team and get the help of shirish 
at the same time... :)

> > created for 0.7, modify it to ship this component and find an sponsor
> > via debian-mentors mailing list (probably there's a wiki page or
> > something explaining the procesS).
> I think you refer to a NMU, don't you?.

Yep.  Anybody can submit a NMU revision while you're busy (or if you didn't 
reply within a few weeks for any reason, as I was suggesting), and you'll 
acknowledge the changes later, no big fuss.

Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo <manuel.montezelo@gmail.com>

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