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${MACHINE_ARCH} includes Debian-specific OS prefix [CFT] xboxfb with vt(9) (a.k.a. newcons) Re: [draft] Debian/Hurd porters position in the default init system debate Fwd: [FreeBSD-Announce] FreeBSD 10.0-RELEASE Now Available Re: [pkg-lighttpd] Bug#731074: lighttpd: indeterminate test on kfreebsd buildds Re: Bits from the Release Team: Architecture health check Bug#400189: marked as done (xserver-xorg-video-nv: garbage output (6800 GS); renders vt1-6 unusable) Bug#444656: marked as done (xserver-xorg-video-nv: Samsung LCD Syncmaster does not resume after dpms sleep) Re: Bug#621379: havp: FTBFS on kfreebsd-*: checking for mandatory locking support... OS not supported Bug#642468: marked as done (kfreebsd-8|9 does not provide any method to use non-free firmware blobs) Bug#650684: marked as done (freebsd-quota: FTBFS: Makefile:12: *** missing separator. Stop.) Re: Bug#664470: proxytunnel: FTBFS on kfreebsd-* and hurd Re: Bug#690591: ITP: kfreebsd-firmware-nonfree -- Nonfree firmware modules for kfreebsd kernel Bug#691346: marked as done (kfreebsd-amd64 fails to install on LSI MegaRAID SAS 2208) Bug#691346: mfi in 9.1 Bug#691754: marked as done (kfreebsd-amd64 fails to install on LSI MegaRAID SAS 2208) Re: Bug#721776: libprelude: FTBFS on kfreebsd (FAIL: test-poll) Re: Bug#728139: brutefir: FTBFS on kfreebsd-i386: fftw_convolver.c:(.text+0x5288): undefined reference to `convolver_sse_convolve_add' Re: Bug#728919: freebsd-libs transition Bug#729698: marked as done (libc0.1: wait6 is broken on 9.2+) Re: Bug#731074: lighttpd: indeterminate test on kfreebsd buildds Re: Bug#732282: stop building java for sparc, sparc64, s390, kfreebsd-any Bug#732692: loading radeonkms results in unusable screen Bug#732693: unable to setup DHCP in kfreebsd-11 Re: Bug#732937: dpkg: fails somewhat regularly on kfreebsd-amd64 Re: Bug#733122: fatal error: Typelib file for namespace 'GnomeBluetoothApplet' (any version) not found Bug#733376: marked as done (ctfutils: FTBFS: elf.h:22:3: error: #error This header is unsupported on x86-64.) Bug#734328: Bug#726248: Bug#734328: kfreebsd-kernel-headers: Don't ship <sys/sdt.h> here Bug#734328: kfreebsd-kernel-headers: Don't ship <sys/sdt.h> here Bug#734450: kfreebsd-image-10.0-0-686: dash dies because of signal 11 Bug#734450: Looks like my local problem Bug#734450: marked as done (kfreebsd-image-10.0-0-686: dash dies because of signal 11) Bug#734451: fuse4bsd-dkms: package does not ship sources inside Bug#734782: ctfutils: FTBFS w/32-bit off_t Bug#734782: marked as done (ctfutils: FTBFS w/32-bit off_t) Re: Bug#735023: please relax Dependency on gdm3 Bug#735041: ufsutils: now only for kfreebsd-any? Bug#735096: eclipse: Eclipse kfreebsd-amd64 can't create projects Bug#735097: empathy: Empathy 3.8 kfreebsd-amd64 can't open window conversation Bug#735448: kfreebsd: trusts the output of VIA hardware RNGs Bug#735449: marked as done (kfreebsd: trusts the output of VIA hardware RNGs) Bug#735450: kfreebsd-9: trusts the output of Intel hardware RNGs Bug#735450: marked as done (kfreebsd-9: trusts the output of Intel hardware RNGs) Bug#735796: freebsd-sendpr: FTBFS: make: freebsd-make: Command not found Bug#736198: marked as done (undeterministic output when running egrep repeatedly with the same input) Re: Bug#736198: undeterministic output when running egrep repeatedly with the same input Bug#736202: undeterministic output when running egrep repeatedly with the same input Bug#736238: ifconfig: ioctl (SIOCAIFADDR): Invalid argument Bug#736291: FTBFS on kfreebsd-* [patch] Bug#736599: libusb3: broken shlibs declaration for udeb Bug#736599: marked as done (libusb3: broken shlibs declaration for udeb) Re: Bug#736608: qthid-fcd-controller: FTBFS on kfreebsd Bug#736620: kfreebsd-source-9.2: it doesnt install ,and the source wont build Bug#736660: smartmontools: FTBFS on kfreebsd (bsd/sys/cdefs.h: No such file or directory) Bug#736716: Please raise package priority. Bug#736720: Interrelation between this package and Linux manpages. Bug#736759: libbsd: Add ELF types for OpenRISC. Re: Bug#736765: USB mouse attach event not processed Re: Bug#736846: pu: package kfreebsd-9/9.0-10+deb70.6 Bug#736949: FTBFS[kfreebsd-*]: preprocessor syntax error Bug#736957: FTBFS[!linux]: ALSA MIDI not supported Bug#736959: FTBFS[!linux]: ALSA MIDI not supported Bug#736960: FTBFS[!linux]: ALSA MIDI not supported Bug#736975: FTBFS[!linux]: SIGPWR not implemented Re: Bug#737035: pam: FTBFS on !linux-any Bug#737183: pu: package kfreebsd-8/8.3-6+deb7u1 buildd finzi ctfutils_9.2-2_kfreebsd-amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable ctfutils_9.2-3_kfreebsd-amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable ctfutils_9.2-4_kfreebsd-amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable ctfutils_9.2-5_kfreebsd-amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable freebsd-buildutils_10.0-1_kfreebsd-amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable freebsd-buildutils_10.0-2_kfreebsd-amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable freebsd-buildutils_10.0~svn259404-4_kfreebsd-amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable freebsd-buildutils_10.0~svn259404-5_kfreebsd-amd64.changes ACCEPTED into experimental, experimental freebsd-buildutils_10.0~svn259404-5_kfreebsd-amd64.changes is NEW freebsd-buildutils_10.0~svn259404-6+powerpcspe1_powerpcspe.changes ACCEPTED freebsd-buildutils_10.0~svn259404-6_kfreebsd-amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable freebsd-glue_0.2.10_kfreebsd-amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable freebsd-glue_0.2.11_kfreebsd-amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable freebsd-glue_0.2.12_kfreebsd-amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable freebsd-glue_0.2.13+powerpcspe1_powerpcspe.changes ACCEPTED freebsd-glue_0.2.13+powerpcspe2_powerpcspe.changes ACCEPTED freebsd-glue_0.2.13_kfreebsd-amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable freebsd-glue_0.2.14_kfreebsd-amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable freebsd-glue_0.2.15_kfreebsd-amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable freebsd-glue_0.2.16_kfreebsd-amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable freebsd-glue_0.2.17_kfreebsd-amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable freebsd-glue_0.2.18_kfreebsd-amd64.changes ACCEPTED into experimental freebsd-glue_0.2.8_kfreebsd-amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable freebsd-glue_0.2.9_kfreebsd-amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable freebsd-libs_10.0-1_kfreebsd-amd64.changes ACCEPTED into experimental, experimental freebsd-libs_10.0-1_kfreebsd-amd64.changes is NEW freebsd-libs_10.0-2_kfreebsd-amd64.changes ACCEPTED into experimental freebsd-libs_10.0-3_kfreebsd-amd64.changes ACCEPTED into experimental freebsd-libs_9.2+ds2-2+powerpcspe1_powerpcspe.changes ACCEPTED freebsd-libs_9.2+ds2-3_kfreebsd-amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable freebsd-libs_9.2+ds2-4_kfreebsd-amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable freebsd-utils_10.0-1_kfreebsd-amd64.changes ACCEPTED into experimental gcc-4.9 uploaded to experimental Re: gdm3 gdm3 (was: Re: Release sprint results - team changes, auto-rm and arch status) Heads up: xorg-server 1.15 soon in sid How to get a new palo source package into unstable? Init system for non-Linux ports kFreeBSD on VirtualBox or other VM kfreebsd-10_10.0-1_kfreebsd-amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable, unstable kfreebsd-10_10.0-1_kfreebsd-amd64.changes is NEW kfreebsd-11_11.0~svn260207-1_kfreebsd-amd64.changes ACCEPTED into experimental kfreebsd-11_11.0~svn260207-2_kfreebsd-amd64.changes ACCEPTED into experimental kfreebsd-11_11.0~svn260450-1_kfreebsd-amd64.changes ACCEPTED into experimental kfreebsd-11_11.0~svn260666-1_kfreebsd-amd64.changes ACCEPTED into experimental kfreebsd-9_9.0-10+deb70.6_kfreebsd-amd64.changes ACCEPTED into proposed-updates->stable-new kfreebsd-9_9.0-10+deb70.6_kfreebsd-amd64.changes ACCEPTED into proposed-updates->stable-new, proposed-updates kfreebsd-9_9.2-2_kfreebsd-amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable kfreebsd-amd64: monitor test hangs in _kqueue_thread_func() kfreebsd-downloader-10_10.0-1_kfreebsd-amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable kfreebsd-downloader-10_10.0~rc4-1_kfreebsd-amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable kfreebsd-downloader-10_10.0~rc5-1_kfreebsd-amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable kfreebsd-kernel-headers_10.0~1_kfreebsd-amd64.changes ACCEPTED into experimental kfreebsd-kernel-headers_10.0~2_kfreebsd-amd64.changes ACCEPTED into experimental kfreebsd-kernel-headers_10.0~3_kfreebsd-amd64.changes ACCEPTED into experimental kfreebsd-kernel-headers_9.2~6_kfreebsd-amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable kfreebsd-kernel-headers_9.2~7_kfreebsd-amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable libcilkrts for kfreebsd and the Hurd fails to build misc fixes for GNU/kFreeBSD (VT switching and credential checks) Please give back stimfit on kfreebsd-* please relax Dependency on gdm3 Re: possible /dev/random compromise (misplaced trust in RDRAND / Padlock entropy sources) possible dpkg bug? Re: possible dpkg bug? preparation of 9.0-10+deb70.6 Processed (with 1 errors): kfreebsd: trusts the output of VIA hardware RNGs Processed: bts Processed: Bug#736198: undeterministic output when running egrep repeatedly with the same input Processed: Clone kfreebsd-9 security bugs affecting kfreebsd-8 Processed: kfreebsd-9: trusts the output of Intel hardware RNGs Processed: kfreebsd-kernel-headers: Don't ship <sys/sdt.h> here Processed: libusb3: broken shlibs declaration for udeb Processed: Re: Bug#735448: kfreebsd: trusts the output of VIA hardware RNGs Processed: Re: Bug#735449: kfreebsd: trusts the output of VIA hardware RNGs Processed: Re: Bug#736198: undeterministic output when running egrep repeatedly with the same input Processed: Re: undeterministic output when running egrep repeatedly with the same input Processed: tagging 643236, notfixed 647956 in 1.7.1-1, fixed 647956 in 0.7.1-1, reassign 736096 to grilo-plugins ... Processing of ctfutils_9.2-2_kfreebsd-amd64.changes Processing of ctfutils_9.2-3_kfreebsd-amd64.changes Processing of ctfutils_9.2-4_kfreebsd-amd64.changes Processing of ctfutils_9.2-5_kfreebsd-amd64.changes Processing of freebsd-buildutils_10.0-1_kfreebsd-amd64.changes Processing of freebsd-buildutils_10.0-2_kfreebsd-amd64.changes Processing of freebsd-buildutils_10.0~svn259404-4_kfreebsd-amd64.changes Processing of freebsd-buildutils_10.0~svn259404-5_kfreebsd-amd64.changes Processing of freebsd-buildutils_10.0~svn259404-6_kfreebsd-amd64.changes Processing of freebsd-glue_0.2.10_kfreebsd-amd64.changes Processing of freebsd-glue_0.2.11_kfreebsd-amd64.changes Processing of freebsd-glue_0.2.12_kfreebsd-amd64.changes Processing of freebsd-glue_0.2.13_kfreebsd-amd64.changes Processing of freebsd-glue_0.2.14_kfreebsd-amd64.changes Processing of freebsd-glue_0.2.15_kfreebsd-amd64.changes Processing of freebsd-glue_0.2.16_kfreebsd-amd64.changes Processing of freebsd-glue_0.2.17_kfreebsd-amd64.changes Processing of freebsd-glue_0.2.18_kfreebsd-amd64.changes Processing of freebsd-glue_0.2.8_kfreebsd-amd64.changes Processing of freebsd-glue_0.2.9_kfreebsd-amd64.changes Processing of freebsd-libs_10.0-1_kfreebsd-amd64.changes Processing of freebsd-libs_10.0-2_kfreebsd-amd64.changes Processing of freebsd-libs_10.0-3_kfreebsd-amd64.changes Processing of freebsd-libs_9.2+ds2-3_kfreebsd-amd64.changes Processing of freebsd-libs_9.2+ds2-4_kfreebsd-amd64.changes Processing of freebsd-utils_10.0-1_kfreebsd-amd64.changes Processing of kfreebsd-10_10.0-1_kfreebsd-amd64.changes Processing of kfreebsd-11_11.0~svn260207-1_kfreebsd-amd64.changes Processing of kfreebsd-11_11.0~svn260207-2_kfreebsd-amd64.changes Processing of kfreebsd-11_11.0~svn260450-1_kfreebsd-amd64.changes Processing of kfreebsd-11_11.0~svn260666-1_kfreebsd-amd64.changes Processing of kfreebsd-9_9.0-10+deb70.6_kfreebsd-amd64.changes Processing of kfreebsd-9_9.2-2_kfreebsd-amd64.changes Processing of kfreebsd-downloader-10_10.0-1_kfreebsd-amd64.changes Processing of kfreebsd-downloader-10_10.0~rc4-1_kfreebsd-amd64.changes Processing of kfreebsd-downloader-10_10.0~rc5-1_kfreebsd-amd64.changes Processing of kfreebsd-kernel-headers_10.0~1_kfreebsd-amd64.changes Processing of kfreebsd-kernel-headers_10.0~2_kfreebsd-amd64.changes Processing of kfreebsd-kernel-headers_10.0~3_kfreebsd-amd64.changes Processing of kfreebsd-kernel-headers_9.2~6_kfreebsd-amd64.changes Processing of kfreebsd-kernel-headers_9.2~7_kfreebsd-amd64.changes Processing of ufsutils_10.0-1_kfreebsd-amd64.changes pu: package kfreebsd-9/9.0-10+deb70.6 Re: qiime REMOVED from testing Re: Release sprint results - team changes, auto-rm and arch status RFC: Debian GNU/kFreeBSD and Jessie RM: freebsd-sendpr -- ROM; obsolete, RC-buggy Re: Roll call for porters of architectures in sid and testing Seeking help to diagnose a PAM issue of GNU/kFreeBSD. Re: sysctl.conf missing? Re: sysctl.conf missing? Re: target FreeBSD version for Jessie ufsutils_10.0-1_kfreebsd-amd64.changes ACCEPTED into experimental undeterministic output when running egrep repeatedly with the same input Upstart booting on kFreeBSD USB keyboard returns EBUSY The last update was on 07:59 GMT Sun Jun 02. There are 345 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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