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Re: Seeking help to diagnose a PAM issue of GNU/kFreeBSD.

On 26/01/2014 20:51, Mats Erik Andersson wrote:
> Dear all,
> I am since two years the driving developer of GNU Inetutils.
> Building "inetutils-ftpd" on kfreebsd-amd64 on Wheeze with
> PAM support produces authentication failures of this kind
>    $ tail -2 /var/log/auth.log
>    .. thule ftpd[1234]: PAM unable to dlopen(pam_unix): \
>    /lib/security/pam_unix: cannot open shared object file: \
>    No such file or directory

There are a few debugging calls in that routine. Could you
rebuild PAM with --enable-debug and try again?

Robert Millan

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