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Bug#735041: ufsutils: now only for kfreebsd-any?

Hi Bob,

On 12/01/2014 04:41, Bob Bib wrote:
> Dear Maintainer,
> starting from the 9.2-1 release,
> this package is built only for 'kfreebsd-any':
>> debian/changelog
>> ...
>> Switch architecture to kfreebsd-any.
> Meanwhile, some utils ('mkfs.ufs', 'fsck.ufs' etc.)
> can also be useful on other Debian architectures,
> and sadly there's no alternative packages to provide such functionality. 
> Is the absence of 'kfreebsd-kernel-headers'
> on "regular" (Linux) Debian arches
> the only problem we have here?

There are many problems. First and foremost, the patchset that added
portability to other kernels was very large and intrusive. This made
updates difficult. It also made them prone to collateral effects, which
on this kind of utility is quite dangerous.

If you want to help, you could have a look at the old patchset for 8.x
(you can find it in ufsutils-8 directory in SVN). Then work with upstream
to have the portability fixes merged. This involves some triage and
possibly rewrite of the changes in order to make them palatable to

You will also find new issues when updating to 9.x (and soon, 10.x),
which ought to be addressed in the same way. Ideally, someone should
commit to maintain the port and respond to future problems when they

Robert Millan

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