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RFC: Debian GNU/kFreeBSD and Jessie

-release asked us to discuss a possible solution among ourselves so we can
propose it to them. But the problem is not clearly defined yet. So I thought
maybe we can do some progress by discussing what the problem is.

Here's what I think of as a problems that may need to be fixed by reaching
an agreement with -release:

1. Some application-level software is growing hard dependencies on SystemD
or other Linux-specific components (e.g. X->udev, gdm3->systemd).

2. Sometimes this software provides alternative setups, but they're poorly
maintained (if at all). We're often stuck (not really) maintaining them
and the result is bug-riden user experience. (e.g. X->hal, gdm3->consolekit)

3. Too many testsuites fail for us. Sometimes because they found genuine
bugs in our port, but often just because of portability bugs in the tests
themselves. Maintainers often respond by disabling the testsuite (or allowing
it to fail). This worries -release because it jeopardizes their QA efforts.

Please comment...

Robert Millan

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