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Bug#734328: kfreebsd-kernel-headers: Don't ship <sys/sdt.h> here

On 20/01/14 00:39, Robert Millan wrote:
> tags 726248 pending
> thanks
> On 19/01/2014 08:53, Samuel Bronson wrote:
>> [...] it's best if you split them
>> off into their own, non-build-essential package, which systemtap-sdt-dev
>> could safely conflict with, but dtrace could still explicitly use.

openjdk-7 FTBFS in sid due to this (Hotspot version >=24).  It notices
the existence of <sys/sdt.h>, but expecting it to be the systemtap
version (which is a porting issue, not necessarily a bug), tries to use
DTRACE_PROBE8, DTRACE_PROBE9 whereas the version from FreeBSD only
defines macros up to DTRACE_PROBE5.


So basically, openjdk-7 will FTBFS on GNU/kFreeBSD until this header
file is removed from kfreebsd-kernel-headers in sid.  We could forcibly
disable it, but we may want this functionality turned back on once
systemtap-sdt-dev starts providing a compatible <sys/sdt.h>.

Steven Chamberlain

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