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Re: qiime REMOVED from testing

On 22/01/14 10:49, Andreas Tille wrote:
> Well, for king we have another problem that it depends from the 
> deprecated libjogl-java and should be replaced by libjogl2-java.

I tried removing libjogl-java, and KiNG still seems to work?  I don't
know if the graphics are being 'accelerated' or not, but:

> This feature has been tested with various combinations of Java 1.4.2
> through Java 1.6.0 and JOGL 1.1 through JOGL 1.1.1. JOGL is still
> under development, as is this feature, and interacting so directly
> with the hardware is always risky, so it's possible that OpenGL
> rendering may hang KiNG on your computer. You've been warned.
> Hopefully, a future version of Java (possibly the 1.6.x series) will
> use OpenGL behind the scenes for all graphics operations, making KiNG
> much faster and making this feature obsolete. Until then, this is a
> work-around for large kinemages where performance is an issue.

So it may be that graphics rendering is fast enough in openjdk-6 and -7
that KiNG's use of JOGL is obsolete anyway?

If the libjogl-java dependency is dropped, king should be installable on
kfreebsd and then so would qiime.  And libjogl2-java transition can go

Steven Chamberlain

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