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Re: qiime REMOVED from testing

On 21/01/14 20:10, Niels Thykier wrote:
> On 2014-01-21 19:45, Andreas Tille wrote:
>> I know that qiime has a serious bug (#731190) where I was seeking for
>> help six weeks ago with no real result.  So I would have expected to
>> become kicked from testing because of this bug which would be fine.

Please, please Cc: debian-bsd@lists.debian.org for help with something
like this.  I only noticed that bug today because I happen to read -release@

> Now, by the looks of it, this FTBFS has not been filed.  For that, I
> believe you have suffered from the problem mentioned in [2].

> """On a related note, I suspect a good part of this problem would go
> away if we had an automated tool to deal with the case where a
> (sid-only) FTBFS is ignored.  It happens sometimes that the maintainer
> does nothing (or, maybe, does not realise the package FTBFS on arch X)
> and neither the porters nor the buildd admins filed a bug for it.

That would be extremely useful, and even better if it could Cc: porters
of that arch and/or apply relevant BTS (user)tags.

Steven Chamberlain

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