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Bug#734328: kfreebsd-kernel-headers: Don't ship <sys/sdt.h> here

Package: kfreebsd-kernel-headers
Version: 9.2~5
Severity: normal
Control: block 726248 by -1

Dear Maintainer,

Given the facts:

  - nobody has ported the dtrace userspace to [e]glibc yet
  - there *are* packages that could benefit from systemtap's version of
    <sys/sdt.h>; in particular, GDB can use such probes, and has
    particular support for ones in [e]glibc and libgcc (see

  - this package and systemtap-sdt-dev can't *both* install <sys/sdt.h>

it doesn't seem particularly useful for you to ship the
dtrace-compatible <sys/sdt.h> in this package.

<http://bugs.debian.org/726248> has a lot of discussion about this.

(It might *possibly* be useful for people running Debian in a chroot,
but on the other hand wouldn't they need a copy of dtrace in there to be
able to include all the necessary metadata in their binaries anyway?  If
so, it seems unlikely to be much more work for them to install the
dtrace-compatible <sys/sdt.h> at the same time.  Or, if that worries
you, you could split it into its own package.)

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