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Re: [pkg-lighttpd] Bug#731074: lighttpd: indeterminate test on kfreebsd buildds

Hi Steven.

On 27.01.2014 21:22, Steven Chamberlain wrote:
> I could reproduce it 8 times out of 100 here on kfreebsd-amd64.
> The race happens after getting Connection Refused trying to contact the
> fcgi-responder which has just exit (intentionally).
> The parent does a wait4() syscall, and if this returns the pid of the
> process that just exit, a new listen is set up on 10000/tcp and lighttpd
> forks a new fcgi-responder.  The parent waits with select() for it to be
> ready, then sends the FCGI request which is successful:

is this a libc portability issue then? All in all this does not really
sound like a problem in the lighttpd code base, does it?

with kind regards,
Arno Töll
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