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Init system for non-Linux ports

Hi everyone,

"What init system would we like to use by default on the non-Linux ports
for jessie?"

I hope this question is really as straightforward as it looks, and that
we might come to some general agreement much more quickly than the
tech-ctte bug!

Here are the options I can think of - but let me know if you want
something not represented here:

1. stay with sysvinit
2. switch to OpenRC unconditionally
3. switch to Upstart unconditionally
4. switch to Upstart only if Linux uses it by default, otherwise OpenRC
5. further discussion

Please rank the above putting your preferred option first, as per
Debian's usual Condorcet voting system.  This is totally non-binding,
I'm most interested in hearing people's ideas, questions, or the reasons
for their choices.

Steven Chamberlain

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