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Re: Release sprint results - team changes, auto-rm and arch status

On 11/01/2014 21:32, Niels Thykier wrote:
>> So far #733122. Barring that, the GNOME desktop seems to work fine (including
>> empathy, nautilus, etc). Once the patch in #733122 is applied, it will be easier
>> to gather reports from day-to-day users and provide a more complete assessment.
> Thanks for looking into this.  I have asked on #d-gnome about the patch
> you submitted; hopefully it can be applied soon, so we can get a better
> view.

Excellent, thanks.

>> We can help as porters but we can't maintain abandoned codepaths on our own. I
>> think GDM upstream doesn't want to deal with this problem, so perhaps it is better
>> if we accept that GDM is not a portable program anymore, and make it Linux-only.
> Do you have an idea of the consequences of making it linux-only?  If it
> is just using (e.g.) xdm instead of and kFreeBSD losing a couple of
> packages, it will probably not be much of an issue.  But then, I assume
> that GNOME and GDM are not tightly coupled.

Yes, I think that's the case. I still have to look a bit more carefully though, so
please don't take my word on it.

I'll followup on this.

>> #649196 is probably not an issue anymore. We've replaced our thread implementation
>> since.
> Okay, perhaps you could follow up on the bug with that information and
> ask if it is still an issue?


(I'll reply to the remaining bits in a separate mail)

Robert Millan

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