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Re: [draft] Debian/Hurd porters position in the default init system debate

On 31/01/14 10:57, Justus Winter wrote:
> 1. Up to this day, Debian/Hurd has never used the current default init
> system (sysvinit) but has relied on its own init and rc system.  We
> are prepared to use a non-default init system in the future.

This will become increasingly difficult when SysV init scripts stop
being maintained... and in new packages perhaps not provided at all.

> 3. We ask that the current sysvinit-compatible init scripts are left
> in place, so that we can use sysvinit in the future.

Some maintainers want to discontinue providing sysvinit scripts right
away.  Policy *may* require them to do so for jessie, but likely not for

> 4. We acknowledge that there is a maintenance cost involved with
> keeping the current init scripts.  We will help maintain them as part
> of our porting effort.

I'd like for this work to be minimised by sharing across GNU/Hurd,
kFreeBSD and even with GNU/Linux users who don't want to use the default
init system.

So, does this mean SysV init scripts are your preferred format?  In
which case it's not so important for the ports to choose the same init
system, since anything can use these.

But if for example you'd planned to maintain OpenRC-specific runscripts
instead, that would be a reason for kFreeBSD to consider using OpenRC.

Steven Chamberlain

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