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[no subject] 2.4.18-1-generic seems to have subtle flaws Re: 2.6 kernel removals 32-bit gcc help RE: [debian terminology] newest debian-installer on XP1000 [DEBIAN-EXPERIMENTAL] Accepted kaffe 2:1.1.4.PRECVS-1 (powerpc all source) aboot and serial console aboot size limitation in Woody Alpha Server in Stuttgart/Germany Re: AlphaServer ES45 w/ Fibre-Channel Re: and glanced over his Antigen Notification: Die Nachricht wurde durch einen Contentfilt er blockiert Re: Bug#255270: xfree86: libglide3 has now ia64 and amd64 support ckermit porter upload (non-free) cloneing boot disks depmod: Unhandled relocation of type 28 Re: document Help: Perl crashes, probably pthread-problem? Hilton Non-Delivery Notification Important News for UsaVity Customers. jack-audio-connection-kit build needed Kernel panic after fixating CD-ROM making room for aboot on sarge inst Re: Re: Re: Miata mimedefang on alpha Need Som einfo - Urgent newest debian-installer on XP1000 Problem Building 2.6.7 Problem with md autodetect on Alpha platform? Re: Problems booting 2.6.6 on Alphastation 200 4/166 SCSI Problems - ISP1040 SCSI problems because of wrong driver? Re: smell of a barber-shop. swh-plugins rebuild needed System crash during tape backup. Please help!!! this helps enhance the experience regardless if u need it or not truetype fonts rendering fixed unaligned trap UNSUBSCRIBE Re: volunteer build box? Woody security updates for the Alpha you are ailve! The last update was on 10:08 GMT Thu May 09. There are 115 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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