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Re: newest debian-installer on XP1000


Do the daily builds have Tulip driver support? (Or will they?)

Or asked another way...

Is there an easy way of telling if a specific daily build has a particular feature? (Aside from trying to install it yet again?)


Steve Langasek wrote:
On Wed, Jul 14, 2004 at 05:36:49PM -0400, Andrew Diller wrote:

OK I try with one meg free. I actually have 2 xp1000s, one I'll use for a more stable machine with beta4, the other I can test the dailies and see what's up.

Please note that there is no substantial difference between beta4 and the
dailies in terms of the installed system, the differences are only in the
installer itself.  Also, beta4 doesn't work very well; I think at this
point it may be broken on all architectures, if memory serves.  You're
better off sticking to the dailies.

You may also want to wait until tomorrow's daily, as it turns out the
sid_d-i dailies for alpha have been off-line for the better part of a
month and I'm not sure of the status of the last build.  The builds should
be happening daily as of tomorrow, however.

So far Sarge looks nice. It's been a few years since I played with Debian, mostly it was on my Ipaq. I am thinking of using this alpha with Sarge and migrating over from an athalon RHEL 3.1 server. I'm getting sick of RH.


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