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cloneing boot disks

sorry, just wanted to resend this with a correct subject line :-|

ok, i'm getting myself very confused and maybe some one can give me a sanity

i have a number of ES40's i'm putting sarge onto. i have it installed and
working fairly well.

now i'm trying to clone the disk image for the rest of the ES40's, this is
what i'm trying:

SystemA: good install of sarge onto /dev/sda, sda is 128M free space, 16G
ext2 mounted on / , 2GB swap. to clone the disk i'm doing:

init 1, swapoff -a, mount -n -o remount,ro /
dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb bs=1024k

when i put the clone disk into systemB if fails to boot, it gets too aboot
and aboot tries to load the kernel, with a number of normal looking aboot
messages but it finally hangs at:

aboot: starting kernel vmlinuz with args ro root=/dev/sda2

and hangs there.

now if i go back to systemA and replace the good disk with the clone disk
systemA boots fine. if i put the good disk into systemB it fails with the same
error as the clone disk. so i'm assuming the cloneing process is ok. i must be
missing something in SRM config or something. any sanity check would be
greatly appreciated!

-- michael

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