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Re: Bug#255270: xfree86: libglide3 has now ia64 and amd64 support

Branden Robinson wrote:
[Apolgies for the big CC -- I have no idea who's subscribed to which
lists.  I'm reading this via <255270@bugs.debian.org>.]
I put a PCI voodoo 3 in this ia64 box (HP zx6000) and it failed (hard - the BIOS hung). I very much doubt the other voodoo cards would work, unless they have firmware that _doesn't_ set the "I'm a VGA card" PCI bits.

I wonder if it would be possible to run such a card as the secondary card.

Or would the problem you describe happen anyway, even with an
IA64(EFI?)-friendly video card also in the machine?

On zx1 systems (including the HP zx2000 and zx6000, the only "workstation" Itanium systems currently made) I suspect the machine might die anyway when X tries to initialize the second card (i.e. when the int10 module tries to run the card's BIOS) - assuming it doesn't get initialized earlier.

Having said that, it's entirely possible that on other systems, such as anything with the rather common E8870 chipset, things might work OK.

Shouldn't someone just write a glide->OpenGL wrapper and be done with it? ;)


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