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aboot size limitation in Woody

I have a PC164 running Woody and booting off an IDE disk connected to the motherboard IDE controller. I had a 20GB partition for the root filesystem. There seems to be a size limitation in aboot when reading into large partitions. I tried both the default aboot from Woody and I even installed the bootlx file from unstable onto the front of the disk to see if it would solve the problem. It did not. In both cases, I could get aboot to fail to read either the /etc/aboot.conf file or the kernel images if they were too far into the 20GB partition. The Changelog seems to imply that the size limitations of aboot have been fixed to support larger partitions for DVD images. In the end, I gave up and repartitioned my disk to have a small /boot at the front of the disk.

The error I would see is:

read error, lbn ... 0x8000000000000000


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