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depmod: Unhandled relocation of type 28


I am building kernel 2.4.26 on a SX164 on a debian woody system, but
using gcc-3.4.1 (because gcc-2.95 produces wrong code from
linux/drivers/md/raid1.c). When doing modules_install I get:
	Unhandled relocation of type 28 for ...
several times.

Thus i rebuild the modutils from sarge for alpha
(modutils_2.4.26-1_alpha.deb) and tried again, to no success.

Can someone tell me how to fix this problem? I found nothing to this
error message, only for type 10, were different solutions were proposed
(upgrade of binutils, forget modules).

Thanks a lot for any suggestion!

Best wishes


Norbert Preining <preining AT logic DOT at>         Technische Universität Wien
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