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Re: Kernel panic after fixating CD-ROM

On Fri, Jul 30, 2004 at 11:04:19AM +0200, Alexander Strop wrote:
> Today i wanted to brun several cds.
> After brurning the iso's on cd cdrecord starts to fix the cd.
> After fixating (The Cd's are readable) the Workstation crashes with
> Kernel Panic (Killing interrupt handler etc..)

Can you elaborate? Is there anything in the logs, what does it show on
the screen?

> Workstation:
> Alpha DS10
> 2x 18GB U2W SCSI

What SCSI card do you use?

> Yamaha 4x/4x/16 at the same controller.
> Debian Woody

Which kernel? The woody one? Self-made?

> Maybee thats the problem?

What? Your configuration?


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