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Re: Need Som einfo - Urgent

kishore lanka wrote:

Hi all,
I just came across this group on the net. I am doing a research project on Kernels that can support CAM Softwares. Can any one of you pass me on some information on the available kernels that can support CAM softwares? Atleast some pointers onto where I can get them?
I AM LOST.. Please help..
kishore lanka


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By what do you mean CAM softares? Are you looking for actual CNC software or CAD like software?

I assume from the vagueness of your question that you are inquiring about linux in general, and NOT Alpha CPU specific linux?

There are several CAM softwares for that run on the Linux kernel, try a search on www.freshmeat.net. For CNC type software, check out LinuxCNC.org.

The CNC software would take some porting effort to the 64-bit Alpha architecture, as the smoothest operation is provided via real-time extensions to the linux kernel. Those real time extensions are pretty much x86 dependent. The software should run on Alpha, but with out the real time extension, timing dependent functions would need to be offloaded to hardware.

CAD/CAM type software should run equally well on all architectures.

John Clymer

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