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Re: newest debian-installer on XP1000

On Fri, Jul 16, 2004 at 08:40:00AM -0400, Michael Galloway wrote:
> Hi Steve!
> ok, so what is the real functional difference?

Stable (Woody at the moment): A bit dated, but very well tested and
                              security support available.

Testing (Sarge at the moment): Automatically generated from unstable
                                for packages meeting certain (quality)
				criteria. No security support
				available, user has to wait until fix
				propagates from unstable.

Unstable (Sid): Main development branch of Debian. Security issues are
                dealt by new uploads (possibly new version). Very
		current, occassionally (but seldom) things break here
		(and thus are delayed from propagating into testing).

Once the number of release-critical bugs is low enough (zero) Testing
will be frozen (no new propagation from unstable) and declared stable
under the name of Sarge.



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