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Re: mimedefang on alpha


On Fri, Jul 30, 2004 at 12:54:24PM +0100, Tim Cutts wrote:
> No-one replied before, but we are willing to host a build machine for 
> Alpha here.  We have several machines we could use - we have several 
> sizeable machines approaching the end of their maintenance contracts 
> which we will not want to use for production work once that time 
> arrives.  I don't foresee much difficulty putting one or two of them in 
> our DMZ for Debian's use.

First of all thanks for your generous offer but I think that the
problems will be resolved soon. I kept quiet because I knew that the
machine HP offered some time ago already was on it's way. Now that HP
put time and money into sending me a machine I'd definitely want this
box to become a Debian server. If I should get big problems with the
thing I'll tell you privately in the next couple of days. But the
first steps with the new box (sitting right next to me) seem good: the
SRM already showed. :)

As I know them the Debian Admins are not very keen on changing the
server situation rapidly and I guess they mostly have reasons for
that. Technically speaking, two Alphas are enough. For the longest
time lully could build the packages for unstable without a big queue
and escher was mostly idling if not for libc tests once in a
while. With the new server building will be no problem at all and
escher will still be a stable development machine. That's my view
anyway, feel free to put me wrong :)

I'll work on getting the new box up and running as fast as RL permits


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