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Re: (no) link to release notes for testing/stretch Mache das wichtigste Experiment Deine Agenda Junho/Julho 2017 [Debian-Lex] Add Category "Internationalization" to Adobe Users List AWS Users List Boletim Informativo - 04/05 Bug#612244: marked as done ( home banner kerning wonky) Bug#650784: new page does not show up in search; indexing broken? Re: Bug#660298: Debian Reference --- adding pdf support apparently now possible? Bug#684380: Bug #684380: MaintainerScripts: small mistake in upgrade diagram Bug#798033: rejects HTTPS connections, but redirects to HTTPS site Bug#798033: marked as done ( rejects HTTPS connections, but redirects to HTTPS site) Bug#808262: produces an error because there is a non-escaped char " in one feed title Bug#818328: "Publicity" section in intro/organization ( Bug#818328: marked as done ( "Publicity" section in intro/organization ( Bug#818991: marked as done ( uses self-signed certificate) Bug#819664: Suggestions to update the page Bug#823180: SSO certificates for broken Bug#845297: push-pull CVS/GIT Bug#851776: marked as done ([] fails when checking URLs with HTTPS (e.g. LetsEncrypt Certs)) Bug#861232: marked as done ( Remove DM keyring maintainers from organization list) Bug#861781: updating Debian memberships in other organisations information Bug#862270: marked as done ( partially translated) Bug#862270: partially translated Bug#862515: marked as done ( expired key for debian lenny) Bug#862515: expired key for debian lenny Bug#862980: Update the homepage, to show the social face of the project, and be more attractive for newcomers Bug#862981: Test in small and big screens and fix it if needed Bug#863577: include translation teams in /intro/organization Bug#863579: include wiki team in /intro/organization Bug#863647: use LDAP to generate page (or at least, part of it) Contribution opportunities in Database Software users list Fwd: dead link Debian Policy Re: Debian Reference Debianjessie release (jessie backports) Findings on www.d.o doc about how to Debian package Fix Donation page FYI: Site FAILURE at have new packages listed on the debian landing page Herzgestalt sucht Herzgestalt zwecks Herzgestalt... Re: i18n of www.d.o/partners with gettext Info over uw diensten Looking for Apps? My wish on www.d.o contributions workflow Re: Planned release of stretch on 2017-06-17 and the last weeks up to the release Please add link to build logs for a package Please Change my email addrs Processed (with 1 error): several URLs contain capital letters; transform them to downcase Processed: Fwd: several URLs contain capital letters; transform them to downcase Processed: tagging 808262 Processed: tags 861781 newcomer Questions prompted by {Re: (no) link to release notes for testing/stretch} Redhat Users List Fwd: reorganization of, and translations Re: Submission T-Mobile Users List Tools for a new Debian website? Re: Unidentified subject! What a maze Who's using Debian? The last update was on 06:26 GMT Sun Dec 27. There are 131 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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