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Re: What a maze

在 2017年5月25日星期四 CST 下午3:27:28,Mathieu Herbrant 写道:
> I'm trying to find a Wheezy .iso to download and install. Your website
> is a *goddamn **maze*!! WTF I feel like the world's biggest noob! Been
> searching for literraly 30 minutes without finding ONE F£$*% .iso. How
> hard can it be...
> Truelly what the F people! How 'bout some order!?

Please be noted that Debian only provides ISO images for latest stable 
(Jessie) and testing (Stretch now). Wheezy is already officially EOL (end-of-
life), thus its download method is no longer shown on official website anymore.

We *strongly* encourage you to install the latest stable version of Debian 
(Debian Jessie, or Debian 8.8 as of May 2017) rather than Debian Wheezy.

However, if you insist on installing the old, end-of-life Debian Wheezy, you 
may find relavent ISO on cdimage.debian.org archive [1]. You will face security 
issues after the security support for Wheezy ends.

[1] https://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/archive/



P.S. To others on debian-www: perhaps we should edit pages and explicitly 
mention that oldstable is not officially provided on https://www.debian.org/CD/
{http-ftp,torrent-cd,jigdo-cd,netinst}/ so that people won't bother looking 
for old ISOs everywhere.

Boyuan Yang

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