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Re: Questions prompted by {Re: (no) link to release notes for testing/stretch}

On Fri, May 19, 2017 at 7:31 PM, Richard Owlett wrote:

> 1. At _this point_ in the release cycle is there reason to prefer URLs
> specifying "stretch" over ones with "testing"?

The only difference between URLs containing stretch vs URLs containing
testing, is that, *in the future*, testing URLs will point to buster
and then bullseye and then the other future releases while stretch
URLs will eventually be obsoleted and archived and some stretch URLs
will no longer work. At this point in time, there is no difference
between the two but if you are storing the URLs somewhere then you
should be aware of the difference and choose the one most appropriate
for your context.

> 2. Is there a document (or blog or ??) targeted at someone using a "testing"
> release for the first time. My interest relates to the move from MySQL to
> Mariadb - I've already been pointed to links to the fine details of the
> change. I'm asking if there something with a broad perspective on dealing
> with any testing release.

Our official documentation is available here:


I wrote a blog post about using testing (some of it is out of date now):


Probably the biggest recent change is that I moved away from equivs
towards generating a real package with debhelper, into which I install
all the configuration snippet files and extra scripts that I have.

In particular I've added a debsecan-based security update mechanism:


It isn't perfect but helps avoid manually picking security fixes from sid.

I fairly recently switched to unattended-upgrades and also installed
needrestart and needrestart-session so that I'm not manually doing
security upgrades and daemon restarts and get pinged to restart apps
with upgraded libraries.



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