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Re: have new packages listed on the debian landing page

> First, how to get a listing/output to stdout from the 1st script ?  I
> just tried to run the script as it is after giving it executable
> rights and got the following -

> [$] ./get-new.sh

> ./get-new.sh: 1: ./get-new.sh: cannot open !DOCTYPE: No such file
> ./get-new.sh: 1: ./get-new.sh: html: not found
> ./get-new.sh: 3: ./get-new.sh: Syntax error: newline unexpected

> Look forward to know more.

You need to call the script with a date with a date as an argument with
format YYYYMMDD, e.g.:

	./get-new.sh 20170201

to get the new packages from Feb 1 of this year.

It assumes that you have a line in your /etc/apt/sources.list with the
'unstable' suite (not sid). It will also fail if one of the files
created by the script already exists in the current directory: 

	all both old new list Package

The result is in the 'list' file, which contains 1032 entries for the
previous invocation.



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