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Re: [Debian-Lex]

Hi Warren

El 17 de mayo de 2017 19:51:02 CEST, Warren Stramiello <warren@stramiello.net> escribió:
>Do any of y'all know who is in charge of the Debian-Lex project / 
>webpage?  It looks like it has been inactive for years and I wanted to 
>update the page ... but I'm not sure whom to contact to get the 
>permissions to do so.
>I also wanted to see if anyone is still active on the Debian-Lex 
>subproject so that I could help out--if not, 

The last non-spam messages in the list, about the status of the project:


And the wiki page:

I may be able to start it 
>up again (since I've been using Debian since Hamm, I've been an
>here in the US for the last decade, and I use Debian (and OSS tools) 
>heavily in my legal practice).  

Thanks for your support to Debian all these years.

Any idea who the best folks to pester 
>about that would be?

I would post to the list my proposals and try to go ahead if there is no resistance, as Andreas Tille says in the mail thread posted above.

For changing/updating the wiki you need a wiki account; go to 


If you have no wiki account yet.

For changing/updates the pages in www.debian.org feel free, for now, to propose new text here directly in the debian-www mailing list, and hopefully somebody in the website team can make the changes in our repo. Maybe it's good to coordinate with/inform the Debian Blends team:


 in order to ease the work of restarting Debian Lex development, and move the related info to the www.debian.org/blends section once the development is ongoing.

Thank you very much for your interest!

Best regards

Laura Arjona Reina

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