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Re: Who's using Debian?

2017-05-11 3:20 GMT+08:00 Thomas Vincent:

> Here is a proposal of translation to english for this submission. Feel
> free to correct/improve it.

Just needs a couple of commas, marked with [square braces].

> 4. We are a university in partnership with the Robertson College in
> Canada[,] which delivers degrees to our students who take their exams here.
> Most of the content from their training is done on Windows and Cisco. As
> the supervisor of the Linux part of this training[,] which is not
> considered by the Canadians, I decided to set up three servers, two
> running Debian and one running Ubuntu, for our lab work. We have
> configured usual network services such as DNS, DHCP, Apache, MySQL,
> SAMBA, Nagios… Additionally, we have three computer science rooms, each
> having at least 20 machines with Windows/Debian dual boots.

I don't know French but this looks good to me.

> I would like a partnership between my university and the Debian
> community so my students can have documents such as certificates.

Could you communicate to them that the only certification Debian
currently offers is certification of contribution to and or membership
of Debian? We probably need to have a discussion about this topic on
debian-project, as we had for hardware certification recently.




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