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have new packages listed on the debian landing page

Hi all,

I remember a service, either on debian-devel or debian-devel-announce
where every few months, in the Bits from ... service/mail there used
to be news of new packages which have come in the Debian archive.
Think it was either bi-weekly or monthly service.

Now for some unknown reason, the service was stopped, either due to
the fact that whoever was checking the new packages, playing with it
and sharing the goodies either felt that people didn't find it useful
or s(he) just became de-motivated for some other reasons.

I have been missing the service for quite some time and do have couple
of ideas which might make whoever contributes to the content a bit
more visible.

While I do not know how feasible it might be, would it be possible if
the service restarts, to have that same news also come on the landing

I believe (although might be mistaken) for most NEW packages and
packagers it is hard to get users as the packages themselves are
'optional' instead of being in the three priority lists of 'required'
, 'important' and 'standard' .


This might lead to the packagers/maintainers being disillusioned after
a while and at times even good packages go out of the archive and the
whole thing is circular in nature.

Having that news on the landing page would ensure that more people at
least on 'testing' try the new packages who might not read mails .

I also saw that usually in what's new release notes, Debian stresses
only about updates of important packages and doesn't tell which new
packages have come in.

For instance see

While it probably might be a bit overboard to share all the new
packages, a curated list from the bi-weekly/monthly announceement
would encourage more users to try new packages. This probably would
also keep our developers more highly motivated as well as more users =
more usage of the software and more conversations with the maintainer,
bug reports etc. which could only be positive for the maintainer.

Look forward to know what people feel and if the service can somehow
be restarted and also have it on the landing page.

          Shirish Agarwal  शिरीष अग्रवाल
  My quotes in this email licensed under CC 3.0
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