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My wish on www.d.o contributions workflow

Please CC me I'm going to unsubscribe from debian-www soon.

  Well, I think I have never explained this idea so I'll go ahead. This
is what I want to see implemented so that I feel comfortable to
contribute to www.d.o with ideas.

  So this is fictional www.d.o documentation starting from debian-www
current repo being moved to Git which I know some conversations have
been held but I think it's not done yet.

  How to contribute to www.d.o with new ideas (Warning: Fictional
  1. Register to: http://www.d.o/www-contribute/ .
  2. Explain what you want to do with your contribution, at
debian-www@l.d.o so that a public token is assigned to your alioth account.
  3. git clone ssh://<user>@git.debian.org/git/www/www-contribute.git
  4. Modify your git installation with the public contribute private key
so that you are allowed to push to non master branches.
  5. Create a branch locally, make your changes, and use the public
contribute private key to push it online.
  6. From: http://www.d.o/www-contribute/ assign your branch a custom
name (alias) assigned to you. Wait 24 hours for the DNS to propagate.
  7. Make sure you check travis ci results for your modifications on:
http://www.d.o/www-contribute/travis/ .

  So, now you should have:

  * Branch name: public-targeted-approach pushed into the public Debian
git repo
  * Branch alias: publictargeted
  * alioth username: adrian15
  * Public token: TER3b5opp

  How do you show your changes so that other people can check your own
version of www.d.o ?

  Your url is:




  When anyone visits the page (to avoid any robot indexation) they
should introduce a htpasswd based password:

  User: TER3b5opp
  Pass: TER3b5opp

So... Anyone thinks it's a good idea? Maybe for a GSoC ?

And, yes, probably we should remove the token and just use the alioth
username as the 'User' and 'Pass' values on htpasswd based password
(previous manual validation so that we avoid anonymous people to upload
new stuff into contribute webpages). This is a minor detail on

So... once everything is given the ok on debian-www@l.d.o, obviously,
you should be able to ask for a pull request from:
http://www.d.o/www-contribute/ .

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